Stone of the Month – June 2021

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Stone of the Month for June – Amethyst

This months topic is Astral Wellness – part of the series called “Healing from the Outside In” from the Holistic Institute of Wellness.

I had to do some research on for ‘Astral’ wellness. All the usual sources were talking about Astral Projection which is a whole other ball of wax! My focus this month, actually every month really, is aimed at wellness & I looked up the dictionary definition to make sure I was not making a mash up of my understanding. “… noun: a healthy state of wellbeing free from disease.”

The Astral Body is an important layer in our Bio or Auric field. It’s associated with the Heart, Love, & Compassion. It’s the layer betwixt or between the upper spiritual & lower physical bodies.

But what does it mean to have ‘Astral Wellness?’ For me wholeness & connection feel like they are the key here. I can really feel the need for that in between connection to be free of dis-ease so that there is full contact & a solid link, leading to unity. If I can make/keep that, all of me will/can feel more balanced & whole. I’ve talked many times about the need for balance in the chakras, this feels similar & different.

This is where Amethyst comes in. Amethyst carries a very high vibration & for a stone often considered to be lowly on the totem pole of gems, it is a powerhouse. It fully deserves its position on that very misunderstood pole. Amethyst is strong for healing & cleansing, & so much more. At the same time boosting your spiritual awareness. It is one of the most spiritual of crystals, fostering love, cultivating selflessness, & spiritual wisdom. It can aid with transmuting “lower” energies into a higher frequency for the spiritual & etheric realms.

Judy Hall says: “At a subtle level, Amethyst balances and connects the physical, mental and emotional bodies, linking them to the spiritual.

Amethyst comes in may shapes, sizes, styles, and hues:

Here are few other stones that might be useful

Ametrine – Helps to connect our higher consciousness with the physical realm. Can release blockages from mental, emotional and physical bodies.
Angelite – Aids the balancing of the physical body with the etheric realms at a subtle level.
Apophyllite – Calms and grounds the spirit. Has strong links to the spiritual realms and also allows being comfortable in the physical body.
Fluorite – Can cleans and equalize the aura. Grounds and unifies spiritual energies.
Hematite – Harmonizes body, mind and spirit. Protects the soul during out of body experiences earthing back into the physical.
Jasper – Clears and aligns chakras and the aura. Aligns mental, emotional and physical bodies with etheric realms. (Particularly: Blue, Red & Brecciated, Royal Plume).
Lapis Lazuli – Harmonizes mental, emotional, physical bodies with spiritual levels.

Love & Blessings till next time. J

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