Healers: looking for support, expansion, protection? Awakening Soul lost and looking for connection?

Maybe you’re simply looking for beautiful handmade, Reiki-infused, one-of-a-kind wearable art delights?

Beads of Light Collection

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Janet Edkins - Healing Stone Practitioner/Jewelry Artist

Janet Edkins - Healing Stone Practitioner/Jewelry Artist

More than “just” jewelry!
The idea of jewelry carries a lot baggage and assumptions packed over many centuries. For some it’s frivolous “bling.” For some “high art” or hugely expensive, think high-end Emeralds, for it to actually be considered jewelry.

None of the above is what I do. The power and energy of stones and crystals, gifted to us by Gaia, have no need for our labels. Raw, “low grade,” Emerald is just as metaphyisically powerful (love, loyalty, unity & wisdom) as any of the world’s most famous.

Even if you are not into healing, ascension, spiritual growth, or feeling like you need protection, I would be honored if you would consider owning captivating and distinctive handmade jewelry. Who doesn’t love a pretty pair of earrings or a stunning bracelet? Seriously!  Wear them yourself or, hey presto, ready made, beautifully packaged, perfect gift for a special someone in your life.