Janet Edkins Creates, Beads of Light Collection, is exclusively hand crafted jewelry tailored to help awakening souls, seekers, healers, and body workers. Come join in to discover wearable crystals & stones for expansion, support, protection, and connection. Monthly and quarterly subscription options are available.

The exclusive handmade designs are created with absolute love. All pieces are cleansed, blessed, and infused with Reiki Energy and the Light of Shamballa.

Healing Stone Jewelry Subscriptions are currently CLOSED.

Thank you for your interest – join my wait list (below) for when there are new spots available. I’ll make sure you get on the list. I’ll add you to my monthly newsletter too, that way you’ll be doubly sure to get notified. Give me your birthday for a little extra something when your special day comes around!

With Love & Blessings – J

What subscribers are saying about

the Beads of Light Collection...

Exactly what I needed, right now. Thank You!!!

Christine D
Knoxville, TN

OMG - I love my beautiful new Beads of Light collection. It is perfect for me.

I LOVE all of the stones you selected. Thank you. It is gorgeous.
Cindy T
Denton, TX

Love, love, love my new Beads of Light Collection bracelet! Thank you so much!!

Amy H
Knoxville, TN

Look at these beauties! I Love mine 🙂

Breanna R
Knoxville, TN

Want something different, more: pendant maybe, longer term? Call (865-966-3271) or email me.

I can set up a custom subscription just for you if you have a specific idea or term in mind for your special someone!

(Buy anytime, subscriptions will be folded into the following monthly cycle mailed around the 7th)

Finding your center, finding your balance, feeling supported and protected, are all vital to surfing the current waves of energy on the planet.

At this time of ascension highs, and crazy-making 3D lows, in the planetary field, you need all the help and support you can get. Wearing Beads of Light Collection healing stone jewelry inside your auric field and energy body can be a ‘set it and forget it’ boost throughout your day. Healing bracelets and earrings can be simple sustaining strength, out of your way, and still offering that extra lift.

Here’s why one client enjoys her Beads of Light earrings:

I’ve been wearing my beautiful Blue Jade earrings today. And I FELT GOOD ALL DAY.

Benefits of Beads of Light Collection Healing Jewelry:

More than “just” jewelry!
The idea of jewelry carries a lot baggage and assumptions packed over many centuries. For some it’s frivolous “bling.” For some “high art.” For some its has to be hugely expensive, think high-end Emeralds, for it to actually be considered jewelry.

None of the above is what the Beads of Light Collection encompasses. The power and energy of stones and crystals, gifted to us by Gaia, have no need for our labels. Raw, “low grade,” Emerald is just as metaphyisically powerful (love, loyalty, unity & wisdom) as any of the world’s most famous.

Centering, Raise Your Energy, Personal Talismans, Healing Amulets, Ascension Tools, Grounding, Hold Joy & Light, Spiritual Growth, Look Amazing, Energy Balancing
Self-Love, Scheduled Self-Gift, Beautiful Sirprise, Everyday Healing, Self-Healing, Exclusive Designs, Ready-Made Gifts, Regular Treat, Handmade Just for You, Self-Care

I understand that some of you may not be familiar with the metaphysical aspects of healing, ascension, spiritual growth, or feeling like you need protection. However, all the pieces I make whether they be stones, crystals, shells, wood, or other natural materials, are all gifts from Mother Earth and all carry their own vibrations, energy, and healing potential. You may not know you need any of these but you will still benefit.

I would be honored if you would consider owning a captivating and distinctive piece of my Beads of Light Collection handmade jewelry. Who doesn’t love a pretty pair of earrings or a stunning bracelet? Seriously!  Wear them yourself or, hey presto, ready made, beautifully packaged, perfect gift for a special someone in your life.

Janet Edkins

Hi, I’m Janet. I came to jewelry through many other mediums, tangents and passions.

From a young age I was enchanted by my grandmothers beads. As a young woman she did glorious beaded piece work, for a pittance, and ruined her eyes, but she kept her precious scraps of beads, bugles & sequins in fragile twists of tissue paper, in a small basket. I don’t know why the bug didn’t get me then, nor why it took another 40 years.

My journey to East Tennessee, through my own awakening, and to my beautiful Reiki family, shapes my work. I am grateful for the light, beauty, and support in my life. I am very grateful for many artistic friends who challenge and teach me as I continue to grow, and to my wonderful clients and customers who support Beads of Light and trust me with their precious stones for custom designs.

Janet Edkins Creates, Beads of Light Collection, monthly and quarterly subscription boxes are just the latest opportunity to serve you, with exclusive, limited edition, hand crafted designs, wearable art, and great energy.

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