Custom Merkabah

Build your own Merkabah! – “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Bah” means Body.

Sense a certain Frequency when you have your own personalized beaded representation of the Light Body Vehicle for your soul. In the Words of Jain 108 “Remember what is your Purpose, why have you come here. It evokes self-examination, asking our Higher Self: have I detoured from my Path, what I had set out to achieve? It’s about getting Back on Track, and Claiming your Power, Purpose and Light within.”

I have or can get beads in hundreds of colors & a whole range of Reiki infused 2mm stone/crystal beads to power the Star Tetraheron apex points.

Choose a matching beaded chain, or I can simply make the bail large enough to fit a chain you already own.

Beads & stones are all different prices plus the chain or no chain option affects what the eventual cost is for any given custom piece.

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