So finally I gave in and added an on-line store! I’m adding new work to the shop rather than keeping the Gallery up to date so there will be transition time until I get it all in the shop. Of course, it is all still for sale – it’s just a matter of finding what you are looking for. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if there is something specific you are looking for. Call 865) 966-3271, or e-mail.

If by chance you do not find the talisman that is on your mind but have your own stone – I love working with personal items. Here are some samples of custom work I’ve been privileged to be trusted with.

Black Agate Lightening

If you would you like to arrange a home visit personal trunk show or maybe a Charity Trunk Show? Call me to schedule an appointment – (865) 966-3271, or drop me an e-mail.

Hi, and welcome

Janet Edkins
Rules for hand stitched jewelry:
1. Last thing you put on.
2. First thing you take off.
3. Check for wear/threads.
-- Call me if you find any,
      865-966-3271 - More...

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