Artist Statement

I came to jewelry the long way – through many other mediums, tangents and passions that faded, over time.

From an early age I was fascinated with my paternal grandmothers beads – as a young woman she did glorious beaded piece work, for a pittance and ruined her eyes but she kept her precious scraps of beads, bugles & sequins, in fragile twists of tissue paper, in a small basket. I don’t know why the bug didn’t get me then, nor why it took another 40 years.

My journey through life, and finally to East Tennessee, I’m sure shapes my work. I am grateful for light and beauty in my life, and for many artistic friends to challenge and teach me as I continue to grow.

More than “just” jewelry!
The idea of jewelry carries a lot baggage packed over many centuries and assumptions. For some people it is just frivolous “bling.” For some it is “high art.” For some it has to be hugely expensive – think high end Emeralds – for it to actually be considered jewelry. I’m reminded of a quote from a play where one comment is “that’s just family jewelry dear!” Very snobby.

None of the above is what I do. The power and energy of stones and crystals, gifted to us by Gaia, have no need for our labels. Raw, “low grade,” Emerald is just as metaphyisically powerful as any of the world’s most famous ones.

Crystals and stone carry stable and unchanging energy. Each carries its own unique frequency and vibration available to you. I make my pieces with focused energy and intent that the piece will call to their person, at the right time and space to harness the growth potential, support, energy or emphasis needed. Where ever you are in your ascension process these awesome gifts from Gaia can be tools, friends, helpers, whatever you need on your journey. AND they look fabulous and sometimes blingy! 🙂

My Story and I’m sticking to it!
Honestly,the jewelry thing kinda sneaked up on me. It started with a comment at a business networking event about not being ‘Christmassy’ one year, “couldn’t I even find some earrings to get in the spirit?” So I made a couple of pairs, purple of course, just to show willing.

Then, nothing, you know, “I don’t make jewelry”! Those earrings were just an aberrant thing, right? Well, I went to a trunk show at White Fox Beads and saw a necklace. It grabbed my attention mostly because I thought the colour choice was horrendous. I don’t even remember now what they were but I wanted one in black & white, I knew I had plenty of black and white beads and the rest, as they say, is history!

Well, not quite so fast. All I’d made so far were for me. They are not perfect, by any stretch, and definitely not for sale. What they are is the basis, my start, a bit of an itch! The next thing that grabbed my attention was Soutache – my Pinterest Board title says it all “Soutache OMG”. I made more jewelry, just for me. I felt quite comfortable saying, “I don’t make jewelry,” as I was not making things for other people, nor for sale.

All that changed when I found buttons! Then I really took off. I found stones, crystals, cabochons, Reiki, and sacred geometry. I started to understand crystal healing and the power that nature wields/offers. My journey began to bring crystal healing to as many people as possible, even if they didn’t and don’t know they need it.

Hi, and welcome

Janet Edkins
Rules for hand stitched jewelry wearing:
1. Last thing you put on.
2. First thing you take off.
3. Check for wear/threads.
-- Call me if you find any,
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