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Beads of Light offers Reiki infused crystals & stones in one-of-a-kind, hand beaded, jewelry settings to support awakening souls and healers. Unique, intricate, and detailed beaded designs of wearable art. Powerful, imaginative, and protective talismans for your best and highest good.

The vision for Beads of Light is that all souls seeking to enhance and support their energy bodies and fields find the exact, incomparable, piece of jewelry that is the key to fit their soul lock.


All Beads of Light jewelry is made with absolute love, unique creativity, and incomparable attention to detail. Each finished piece is cleared, cleansed, and blessed, infused with Reiki energy and the Light of Shamballa. All come with a personal guarantee from Janet.

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Janet Edkins

Rules for hand stitched jewelry:

1. Last thing you put on.
2. First thing you take off.
3. Check for wear/threads.
-- Call me if you find any,
      865-966-3271 - More...

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