Jewelry Subscription Boxes – FAQs

If your question isn’t answered here drop me a line: [email protected]

When do boxes ship?

Around the 7th of the month, before if it falls on a weekend.

What do I do with all these boxes?

I would be happy to take them back. I specifically sourced recyclable boxes. If we are local I’d be happy to meet with you, otherwise I can send you a shipping label. Email me – [email protected]

How Do I Get a Subscription?

Check out the Collection page and get on the wait-list if there are no current openings 🙂

What happens if I don't like the piece?

You have a beautifully packaged, ready made, exclusive, gift for someone special in your life 🙂

What happens if my subscription arrives damaged?

Cal Janet – (865) 966-3271 or email – [email protected]

How do I Cancel my subscription?

Log in to your account here – Click on “Subscriptions.”

Rules for hand stitched jewelry wearing!
1. Make your hand stitched jewelry the last thing you put on.
2. AND – the first thing you take off when you get home.
3. Cleaning can be achieved with hydrogen peroxide, or a mild jewelry cleaner like Top Purple, and a soft brush. DO NOT attempt to clean Selenite!
3. Check regularly for wear or loose threads.
— Call me if you find any,