I love the challenge of a personal commission.  They are always interesting.

I love the energy of the client mixed with that of their stone or crystal + their anticipation, and my perfectionism. HaHa

If you have a stone or crytal and want to wear it instead of carrying it in your pocket (or bra!) I can turn it into a Beads of Light experience. CALL ME – 865 966 3271 or email.

I am so excited to receive my newest Beads of Light jewelry that is custom designed by my dear friend Janet. I highly recommend Janet as she works with you 1 on 1 to help select the right crystals, beads and stones that serve you. My birthstone is Topaz, I didn’t even realize there were blue topaz, so I wanted to include these new stones in my jewelry collection. I am the proud owner of several pieces that I wear depending upon the energy I want to share and/or attract. I have also purchased several pieces as gifts for friends and family as well as business gifts. Look at how beautiful these pieces are and the meanings behind the crystals, beads and stones. Thank you Janet you are so gifted and I am so grateful.

Cindy, Denton TX

The experience of getting my treasured pieces from Janet was priceless. I met Janet through dear friends that were also blessed by Janet’s creations and I had admired them. Her pieces are unique and beautiful. In browsing her stunning collection there were several pieces that I was drawn to but in the end the completed piece I selected was the design, stone and meaning that was most fitting for my season in life. I wear it often and with great pride for its meaning also embodies my time with Janet and the incredible Regenrus Ohana leaders. The bonus – I was also drawn to a stone and a design technique Janet uses in her beading and when I received the final creation in the mail it was everything I had hoped for and so much more. Janet is incredibly gifted and her pieces truly are a blessing.

Kimberly, Milwaukee, WI

I don’t even know where to begin on how incredible Janet’s pieces are. The love and light she puts into her work radiates through your entire being each time you put it on. It’s impossible to not feel like a Queen adorned in these jewels. Her talent and attention to detail are out of this world. I own several pieces of her work. However, my favorite pieces are my custom mala and cloisonné bracelet. She’s so fun to collaborate with and goes above and beyond to ensure my pieces are perfect.

Chloe, Knoxville TN

Do you need healing stones or crystals in your auric field but don’t want to dangle a necklace or jangle a bracelet around your client?

Then might you want to consider a Beads of Light anklet?

CALL ME – 865 966 3271 or email.