Large Blue Green Kyanite with Auquamarine

SoM June 2024

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This month’s topic from HIW – Awakening Your Inner Light – The Power of Mindfulness Meditation.

As you all know, if you read this blog, I’m a proponent of meditation. Well, it seems I’m to be writing about it once again. Guess I’m not “receiving” my own message, Ha Ha! I do enjoy and benefit from meditation, and yet…How often in the last month have I neglected my practice, despite all my blathering on about it to you folks?

Perhaps I can find a new perspective from the “Awakening Your Inner Light” aspect of this month’s topic that will set me back on my path so I’m not a total hypocrite.

What comes to mind is the ‘Light Body.’ If this is a new term for you let me start by saying: the light body is part of the subtle energies that surround the physical body, vibrating at a higher frequency. It’s often described as the vehicle for the soul and our higher consciousness. Connecting with the light body can lead to a spiritual awakening, to heightened consciousness, and understanding the interconnected state of all things.

Maybe, if we can awaken our everyday consciousness to our light body, we can awaken and shine our light in the world more fully from a place of heart centered knowing. And here we are back to meditation – because this is how I get to that place. And yes, I know, a more consistent practice would help keep me there.

We all know there’s no such thing as coincidence, right! Whilst I was writing this piece I was asked if I knew of anyone who taught meditation. I don’t but am happy to hear of anyone that does. Meditation was not something I learned externally. I learned from sitting with myself. Who better than ourselves can teach us that. I know many struggle with the fallacy that we can just turn off the mind, that we should somehow be able to sit for hours with nothing going on! That has never been my experience. What I’ve learned is to watch my thoughts, acknowledge their right to be there, and let them go by – without engaging. “Ay, there’s the rub” as Hamlet would say. Non-engagement with the ideas and memories that pop up, those wretched things that start me rolling on the hamster wheel of reviewing what is past already, or what might be! This does not serve my being in, or shining my light, and it’s a progress not perfection pursuit.

The stone I’ve chosen this month is appropriate for both meditation and activating your light body:

Large Blue Green Kyanite with AquamarineKyanite – Excellent for attunement & meditation. A powerful transmitter & amplifier of high frequency energies. Helps spiritual energy to manifest in thought. Grounding spiritual vibrations, it brings spiritual integrity & maturation. Instantly aligns the chakras & subtle bodies, clears pathways & meridians restoring Qi. Facilitates the ascension process by drawing the light body into the physical realm, connecting the higher mind to the highest frequencies.

Blue/Green Kyanite mix: “Dramatic healer. Healing properties of green & alignment properties of blue, aids balance of entire system, aligning body & soul with Earth.”

Here are a few more stones that can help with anchoring your light body and with meditation:

Kyanite – Black – In addition to above; Grounds the body when aligning chakras & during or after meditation.
Apatite – Develops spiritual attunement, deepens meditation, & raises kundalini Aids communication & expression on all levels.
Aquamarine – Calms the mind, removes extraneous thoughts, clarifies perception. Wonderful for meditation, invokes high state of consciousness.
Carnelian – Removes extraneous thoughts during meditation & tunes daydreamers into everyday reality.
Herkimer Diamond – Powerful attunement crystal. Aids linking to higher guidance. Facilitates gentle release & transformation bringing souls purpose forward. Activates the light body.
Labradorite – Helps align physical & etheric bodies. Raises consciousness & grounds spiritual energies into the physical body. Calms an overactive mind. Brings contemplation & introspection.
Moldavite – Brings you into communication with higher self, resonates to Crown chakra, opening to receive highest spiritual guidance. Aids download of light body information to be processed & made conscious.
Phenacite – One of highest vibration crystals, connects personal consciousness to highest frequency. Resonates with etheric body to activate the light body.
Opal Aura Quartz – Platinum fused to Crystal Quartz. Gentle rainbow colors. Aids integrating the light body into the physical dimensions.
Selenite – Links to the light body helping to anchor it in the earth vibration.
Zincite – Can be used to anchor the light body securely into the physical realm.

A final thought: In a number of esoteric philosophies there is a ‘vehicle’ for the light body called a Merkabah (there are a number of different English spelling translations) and this might be a path of further investigation should you wish to go down a bit of a rabbit hole.

With love and blessings till next time. J

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