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Rudraksha seed, Labradorite, Petrified Wood, Lapis Lazuli, Sea Shell, Dragons Blood Jasper, Citrine Double Point, Granite pebble – Maine.

Empowered Jewelry – from the Heart of Mother Gaia.

Stones & Crystals are Mother Nature’s gifts. In fact, all that comes to us from the earth, including the oceans, is bestowed on us as precious permanent manifestations of the life of and on this beautiful blue gem of our solar system & galaxy. All possess amazing and varied metaphysical and healing properties which willingly flow to us, and through us, when we wear them. The simple act of having a stone in your pocket can change your day, even your whole outlook on life. Imagine then what it could do if you were wearing it inside your auric field, with the stone actually touching your skin!

For thousands of years ancient civilizations used the power of crystals to release mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blockages. On a cellular level, humans and quartz crystal are both made of mineral silicon-dioxide. This allows us to be naturally receptive to crystal vibrations which can reflect and store light, and receive energy.

I create wearable art jewelry from the stones, crystals, shells, and the eruptions and aging of Gaia. These have become, for many, their daily pick-me-up and support as front line energetic healers, intuitives, light workers & warriors, and way showers. Whatever ‘label’  you choose to describe your journey, my goal is to support you, with love and awareness.  For many souls, just emerging and awakening, just starting to tread their path, stones & crystals can be key activators as well as affirming pieces. Those drawn to my jewelry are being guided. I see myself purely as facilitator, in the right place on each soul’s journey. We are all here at this time crossing paths, for a reason

All my healing stone jewelry pieces have been “cleared, cleansed and infused” with Reiki energy to enhance and amplify their natural metaphysical, healing and beneficial properties for your highest and best good. They are gentle, powerful, activating, inspiring, sometimes “statement” pieces, ready to wear. They are your ascension journey companions.

One more thing you can do, should you choose, is to dedicate your new piece. Yes they are beautiful pieces of jewelry but the stone or crystal resonated with you, yes? Hold it in your hands, imagine the piece bathed in beautiful light, thank it, and say: ” I dedicate this crystal to the highest good of all. May it be used in love & light.”

I do not pretend to know all the properties for all the stones. I rely heavily on the masters of this field and craft like Judy Hall and her amazing books, and the wonderful humans over at, their metaphysical directory and information is extensive and continues to expand.

I “boil down” the information about the piece that has chosen my attention so I can provide a brief description on a card with each finished piece of jewelry when finished. I’ve had many examples of a person being drawn to a stone then reading the card gives them exactly what they need, even though I have given only very partial information. I believe I am lead to write what is needed. It works for me and my clients. And of course I always encourage further reading, often right there on the spot as I always carry my Judy Hall with me 🙂

Stones, crystals, shells & wood have all been wrapped or captured with seed beads, often embellished with more/other stones as well as Czech glass crystals. All are for sale. I try to keep up to date adding my new work to the new store as often as time allows. (How to decide, take pics and post to website or make another creation – it’s always a toss up for me : )

In addition to the stones/crystals, I love making jewelry with Sea shells. I have a passion for seed beads and the options for different styles and stitch combinations is endless – Bead Art. Spiritual and Esoteric items are also part of my collection: Malas and Pendulums. Traditional Malas are hand knotted on silk. Mine are strung on quality beading wire, intended by me to be a lasting spiritual assistant as well as of course a stunning piece of jewelry.

The beading techniques (peyote, spirals, free form, netting, chenille or diamond stitch, Ndbele) are used to make beaded items, either as components, or as the complete piece. I’ve made many and occasionally am inspired to still do so. Check out the store…

So here’s the thing, hand stitched jewelry is robust – to a point. If you wear handmade jewelry these are the basics:

  • Make your jewelry the absolute last thing you put on before you go out, keep it away from perfume & hairsprays particularly.
  • Make it the first thing you take off when you get home, especially if you wear it on top of a roll neck sweater. 🙂
  • Make a point of checking it over regularly looking for wear or broken threads. If you see this give me a call – 865 966 3271.
  • If you wear a piece a lot you may find it start to look a little dull, collecting skin, olis, and daily dust. I suggest using a very soft brush with a little water and some gentle hand soap. Pat dry then leave flat to air dry.