The healing stones for these Malas have been carefully strung on high grade beading wire for super longevity. Focal or “guru” beads are added in varying themes, some stitched, some wired, all with the care required for beauty and balance. All Malas are for sale, I try to keep this page up to date so what you see should be what you can buy 🙂 If you see something you like here drop me a line and we can get things moving 🙂 with images, and answering any questions.

I’m always up for a “custom” conversation too if you have a special “guru” bead or a list of stones to meet a specific inclination or spiritual support need,

All healing stones are “cleared, cleansed and infused with Reiki energy” to enhance and amplify their natural properties for your highest and best good. They are ready to wear.

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