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May 28, 2021 | Beady stuff, Healing Stones

I was asked recently if I made Pendulums. I had the oddest of instant reactions – NO I don’t, they would be/are difficult to make, to get balanced. They have to be centered! WOW. When I thought on this later I realized two things happened simultaneously. One was my perfectionism kicking in, mixed with some inner knowing prohibition about using tools that are off balance or uncleared.

It took me a few days to figure this out and to do a little research to find info my inner Pagan/Druid/Priestess was trying to bring up for my attention. I found lots of great info out on the web which help solidify my understanding and allowed me to release my perfectionism shielded blocks.

Here are a few simple insights I hope will inspire you to find your own pendulum (I know – not exactly jewelry but still hand stitched and gorgeous stones/crystals 🙂

So what exactly is a pendulum? Not wishing to talk down to anyone but I think this is worth saying: A pendulum is basically a small weight hung on a chain or string that can move freely.

The more important question to answer may be – What are pendulums used for? They have a long history starting, I believe, in China in the first century AD. This was used as a seismometer for earthquake monitoring. We are likely all familiar with pendulums in old clocks. They have a reliable momentum that helps keep time. As far as I can tell that started with Galileo Galilei studies around 1602, he was the first to study the properties of pendulums. I can remember my Grandad having a ‘plumb bob‘ when we were putting up wallpaper so he could be sure we were hanging the strips straight. It was a narrow lead weigh on a cord. He held it against the wall and when it came to a stop, pulled by gravity, that was the straight line he needed.

My interest in pendulums revolves within the healing and esoteric communities using pendulums to seek out the subtle energies of the body. These mostly take the form of either looking for energy blockages or seeking higher guidance by asking questions. I’ve experienced healing sessions where the practitioner has used her pendulum to ask my body to guide her to the areas needing attention, clearing, or balancing. I use my own pendulum seeking answers to questions that have too many possibilities my mind/ego just can’t get a grip on. Centering myself and trying to form yes no questions is part, I feel, of the process of coming to a resolution. My bodies own energies, fueled by me subconscious, can point in the direction my mind won’t allow me to see or acknowledge. 

How to choose a pendulum?  You don’t, basically, let it choose you 🙂 Although I have my pendulum creations in my store I firmly believe ‘in person’ is best. I’ve used some amazing crystals for the ones I have beaded, and they will resonate, or not, for you. You may feel a temperature change, or a little zing of energy. If you adore the look and feel and you ‘feel it’ then that’s the one for you.

All my creations are cleaned, cleared, blessed, and Reiki infused, however and, especially for pendulums, I strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to clear and charge your crystal for yourself. Rub your palms together, hold your piece, send it love and gratitude. Thank it for its service and for coming into your possession. Hold the intention that it will be loving looked after and its guidance sought for only the best and highest good. Carry it around with you for a couple of days and get to know the feel and vibration of it.

Before you ask your new friend a question you need to prime it so you are both on the same page. What signifies yes, no, or neutral. I’m not aware there is a right and wrong in this, only what works for you with that crystal.  Up & down, left & right, round in circles, clockwise or counter-clockwise. I found asking a question to which I already knew the correct answer helped me to understand what I was being shown.

Questions would seem obvious but they have not always proven to be that way for me. Because I often allow myself to get tangled up in an issue, asking a good yes or no answerable question can be the crux of success. If for no other reason than it makes me get more real with what I’m actually asking.

One last tip. Hold the intention to clear and clean your pendulum after each question. You may have to ask a series of those to get where you’re going so a quick clear between each will help with clarity.  + This is a good habit to form so that you know the pendulum is ready when you need it next.


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