Stone of the Month – May 2021

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Stone of the Month for May – Quartz

Quartz can aid with Spiritual Wellness – this month’s topic, part of a series called “Healing from the Outside In” from the Holistic Institute of Wellness.

Working on Spiritual Wellness encompasses quite a few things for me, I call them “Working on Myself:” Sitting with my emotions, and being truthful with myself about them. Taking responsibility. Seeking & Speaking my truth. Trying to strengthen my intuition, listening for my guides (not believing that I’m talking to myself!) Connecting to the Divine & holding that vibration throughout my day. Yes that’s a long and only partial list and no, I don’t achieve all every day! However, I do surround myself with, and allow myself to know, the help of my many crystals & stones. I have several magnificent Quartz piece & am eternally grateful for the friends who empower me by these tremendous gifts of beautiful crystals.

We are all on a journey and all at different points in our path. Clear or Crystal Quartz is a bit of a miracle worker and it knows just what you need for where you are. I’m going to quote directly from my go to Guru Judy Hall “This crystal works at a vibrational level attuned to the specific energy requirements of the person needing healing or undertaking spiritual work…at a spiritual level it raises energy to the highest possible level.”

Quartz is the most abundant crystal on the planet. It’s hexagonal symmetry mirrors the foundational formation of “things” existing on Gaia. How truly amazing is that.

The Spiritual Body is made up a several outer layers of the Biofield, connected to the Crown, 3rd Eye, & Throat chakras. I’ve talked before about wearing stones inside the Auric field which is why I make them wearable 🙂

Here are a few other stones that can help with Spiritual…Wellness, Growth, Vision

Azurite/Malachite – A 3rd eye chakra stone. Believed to bring about awakening of psychic abilities. Helps user to recognize their intuition & provides spiritual guidance.
Charoite – “Stone of Transformation” enhances past life visions, supports your life path, grounds the Spiritual self into every day reality.
Herkimer Diamond – Stimulates conscious attunement to highest spiritual levels. Clears chakras, opens channels for spiritual energy to flow.
Moldavite – Effects range from powerful to subtle, depends on the individual. Can accelerate spiritual growth & open chakras to higher frequencies of energy. Enhances energetic connections between etheric fields & chakras. **
Pietersite – Links everyday consciousness to the spiritual. Has the ability to ground you to your etheric body. Facilitates spiritual journeying.
Rutile Quartz – Said to have a perfect balance of cosmic light, promoting spiritual growth. Cleanses and energizes the aura. Facilitates highest spiritual guidance.
Topaz – Cleanses aura. Can speed up spiritual development where it might have been laborious.
Unakite – Gently releases conditions blocking spiritual & psychological growth.

Last on my lists but by no means least.
Agates – Stabilizes the Aura.
Agates are always a great go to stone, any month really, I didn’t want to repeat myself (see my Feb 2021 Stone of the Month post).

Love & Blessings till next time. J

* * Use with grounding stones like Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Unakite, Bloodstone, Red Jasper.

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