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Stone of the Month for July – Calcite

It was a tough decision this month to pick just one stone. Mother Gaia has given us so many, many wonderful stones that can help us with this month’s topic of Emotional Wellness – part of the series called “Healing from the Outside In” from the Holistic Institute of Wellness.

 “Wellness … noun: the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.”

My pursuit of & for Emotional Wellness has been a long journey &, as we all know, the path unfolds as we take each step so the journey is ongoing. The concept of an “actively pursued goal” rings so true for me. Hindsight allows me to see years without emotional wellness. Hitting rock bottom in 1990 was the wake-up call. I’m comfortable telling anyone who needs to know that I’ve been actively pursuing emotional wellness & balance in some sort of ‘therapy’ for most of the last 30 years. And still, there are more layers, more triggers, more insights, & so much more balance. I AM grateful for the progress, healing, expansion, recovery & the opportunity to keep growing/healing.

Adding the glorious properties of stones & crystals to my daily practice has been part of my pursuit now for a number of years. A quick review of my personal collection allows me to see my progress through the years as each piece came to me. I pay homage to each stone for its part in my overall wellness journey.

It struck me whilst writing that I’ve been wearing stones every day for many years without any inkling of their energy. My Engagement ring is Diamond & Sapphire, & I’ve been wearing a Blue Topaz dress ring plus my Amethyst bracelet daily for more than 20 years. How wonderful now to be able to honor their part in my life. These days I also wear Labradorite & Larimar, Selenite, Rainbow Amethyst, Golden Rutile, Tourmalinated & Crystal Quartz, Pearls, Hematite, & Onyx in various combinations of necklaces & bracelets. And yes, occasionally all at once 😊

You can see from the following list that there are multitude of emotional wellness helpers. Calcite came through this month not just for it’s properties. It’s readily available, less expensive than many, & comes in numerous forms/colors, each with their own extra twist.

Judy Hall says: “Calcite alleviates emotional stress and replaces it with serenity…” she had me right there …“A stabilizing stone enhancing trust in the self and strengthening our ability to overcome setbacks.”

In addition to the generic properties of Calcite – Green Calcite – “a mental healer dissolving rigid beliefs & old programs, restoring balance to the mind. Helps us let go of that which no longer serves.”

Here are few other stones that might be useful

Ametrine – Can release many kinds of blockages including negative emotional programming & expectations. Brings insight to the cause(s) of emotional distress.
Azurite/Malachite – Useful for clearing ancient blocks and old thought patterns and ca bring deep emotional healing.
Blue Apatite – Heals the heart and emotional dis-ease. Connects to high level spiritual guidance.
Boji Stone – Clears blocked emotions and can help resolve the damage of hurtful memories.
Chiastolite – Stabilizes the emotions. Can clear feelings of guilt.
Chrysocolla – Assuages feelings of guilt. Brings in joy.
Citrine – Aids in releasing deep layers of fears and negative ways of being. Helps move into the flow of feelings and become balanced.
Diamond – Clears mental and emotional pain, cuts through fear.
Fluorite – Stabilizing. Allows for understanding the effects of mind and emotions on the body.
Lepidolite – Calming stone. Soothing for emotional stress and sleep disruptions.
Magnetite – Stone for balancing intellect and emotions, encouraging inner stability.
Moonstone – Soothing stone for stress and emotional instability. Improves EQ.
Pink Tourmaline – Diffuses emotional pain and old destructive feelings via the heart chakra.
Rhodonite – Superior emotional balancer. Nurtures love and unity. Heals emotional shock & panic.
Rhyolite – A gentle balancing stone, aids emotional release as appropriate.
Selenite (Angel’s Wing/Fishtail) – Supremely calming, defuses tension & stabilizes emotions.
Serpentine – Corrects mental and emotional imbalance, helps one feel more in control.
Sodalite – Can bring emotional balance and quiet panic attacks.

Love & Blessings till next time. J

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