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Stone of the Month – November 2021

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Stone of the Month for November – Rose Quartz

This month’s topic title, from the Holistic Institute of Wellness, is Season of Gratitude.

November is THE month for gratitude, fueled mostly by the Thanksgiving Holiday of course and also by thoughts of the coming Christmas Season. Truly a time of giving thanks for all we have, all we can give, sharing food a plenty, and generally overindulging, right! But we do give thanks and have gratitude whatever our propensities for that extra piece of pumpkin pie 😊

On the topic of gratitude, I had to expand my usual realms of research to find good intel on crystals that can help us. Its all about how a crystal or stone can raise our vibration generally to allow for gratitude to surface fully into being. Not sure if I’ve talked about a daily gratitude practice but it’s certainly something that’s part of my morning routine. Writing down 3-5 things I am grateful for every day, even if it’s only my coffee. (If you want a challenge, try setting a rule that most of them have to be something different every day.) I make this a whole ritual thing, with a lovely journal, a nice pen, it adds to my aura of intention. This daily practice was brought to my attention many years ago by my dear friend, mentor & coach, Carolyn A. Jones.

According to Japa Mala Beads“A regular practice of gratitude can cultivate positive emotions, strengthen relationships, improve sleep, boost vitality, strengthen the immune system, and boost overall well-being.” Yes indeed, this is my experience.

My list of crystals I believe can help promote and bolster your vibration and, therefore, encourage feelings of gratitude. Not just for and towards others, but also for yourself. IMHO there are no bounds to the things for which we can validate these feelings. Anything in your life; places, items, memories, etc., are game for the gratitude list.

As always it was a hard to choose just one crystal but Rose Quartz (main image) is one of my favs.

Rose Quartz – Can assist is in getting us out of lack mentality by encouraging unconditional love. Adding the gentle, nurturing energies of gratitude and healing of the heart, a great choice for cultivating a deeper appreciation of what we have.

Amethyst – Crystal of inner peace & transformation, can transmute pessimism & negativity. Can teach us to be present and see what’s important. To see more blessings wherever we are. Reminds us of the good things in life helping us keep a positive attitude.
Citrine – Naturally upbeat and bright, known to attract wealth and abundance, makes it perfect for spreading positivity and making you feel great about all the things you have in life. Helps us feel confident life is unfolding as it should, embracing the ups and downs as part of the natural flow.
Kyanite – Great stone for bringing a sense of thankfulness as you appreciate the gifts of love and strength of connections you have. Also for encouraging creative and positive energies to flow, giving us a nudge if necessary to shift our perception if we are not there yet.
Tiger Eye – It’s easy to overlook ourselves. This powerful stone promotes self-confidence, balance, and protection. Grounding the solar plexus Chakra provides willpower and inner strength to maintain a positive attitude and appreciate the fact that we have so much goodness in our lives already. (Tiger Iron is a combination stone; Tiger Eye, Jasper & Hematite – “promotes change by opening space to contemplate what is needed.”)

Clear Quartz – This was my addition to the list. Clear, Crystal, or Rock Quartz is THE most powerful energy amplifier on Gaia. Add this to any other choice and you immediately magnify the frequency available.

If you are interested in or are already using malas and mantras, here’s a little extra for you from Japa Mala Beads, Gratitude mantras:
Om Kleem Shum Shukraya Namah
Translation: Om and salutations to the ruler of enjoyment, entertainment, and pleasure. May I be blessed with love, delight, gratitude, contentment, and fulfillment.
Om Mani Padme Hum
Translation: O radiant jewel in the lotus of my heart, please shine brightly. May my heart have the strength to feel compassion and kindness for all sentient beings.
Kritajna Hum
Translation: May I reside in deep gratitude and appreciation for all beings and all things in this universe.

Love & Blessings till next time. J

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