Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck #36 Middle World

Card pull for April 24

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Apr 21, 2024 | Oracle Cards


Unlock Wisdom, Embrace Guidance…with The Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck #36 Middle World

Hello dear friends.
WELL, WELL, WELL! I decided to use the Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck today because I wanted to tap into the energies of Mother Gaia. I asked the cards for a message following the powerful Saturn Jupiter exact conjunction yesterday, and wouldn’t you know, drew the same card as January – #36 Middle World!

I have to say I’m somewhat blown away. I didn’t realize until taking a picture of the card to put on the page. I decided not to go back and read what came up in January, wanting the energies of now, April to lead me into my message:

The cards says that the middle world is our realm of day-to-day living, our reality, and describes it as a “playground.” I’m sure you would all agree that if we look at the wider world right now that sentiment might feel very “off!” However, this morning I choose to re-listen to a monthly message from Lee Harris and he was quite clear that we should look to our own address, the world that is close to us, where we live, our neighborhoods, and communities. This makes so much more sense to me in terms of the cards’ message that this is the present moment and place where everything is happening for us.

Because I drew the card right-side-up, there is an Invitation letting us know that conditions are auspicious for our endeavors. “Do not hesitate. Move forward.” Heaven and earth are aligned in our favor and the time is right. Be expedient but nor reckless. Your world is your playground and what might take great effort at other times can be accomplished with ease right now.

That Saturn Jupiter conjunction is being hailed as the biggest astrological event this year. It was exact on April 20th at 21° 49″ of Taurus. The amazing thing is that yesterday was the beginning of a new 14-year cycle, a new journey, new energies, pathways and doors are opening.
(Astrological info from Molly McCord on YouTube)


Iron Pyrite 'Space Castle'Iron Pyrite – a stone for change and new beginnings.
“Pyrite helps us see things as they are rather than how we wish they’d be or what might have been had only this or that been different. It helps let go of the past so as not to interfere with or haunt present or future decisions.

As a Stone of Optimism, Pyrite allows us to look at things positively and with an air of confidence. Overcomes inertia and any feelings of inadequacy. Facilitates tapping into our abilities and potential. Can increase energy and overcome fatigue by increasing blood flow to the brain.”


With love and blessings till next time. J

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