Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck #36 Middle World

Card pull for January 24

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Jan 19, 2024 | Oracle Cards


Tap into your inner oracle…with The Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck # 36 Middle World

The message: The middle world is the realm of our everyday, day-to-day, 3D reality. As described in the reading it is “the playground of the living.” That terminology conjures joyous childhood days, playing on swings and paddling in the stream in the park on sunny summer days. Now I’m sure that right now most of us connected to the outside world might have problems viewing reality as a playground. I know I would if I did not have a firm footing in my own intentions for this world, my world, for 2024 and beyond.

Consider this though, the middle world is the present, this NOW moment, where everything is actually happening. It’s created not only by the past, but by the future too, and is a mirror also of the invisible realms. When things are right in the middle world, heaven and earth support everything, including us. When things are not right, heaven and earth must be brought back into order.

The Invitation: This card shows up when conditions are favorable and you are being encouraged to move forward. DO NOT hesitate, heaven and earth are all in order in your middle world. The time is right, be expedient and also mindful to not be reckless. The world is your playground, and what might otherwise take extreme effort can now be accomplished with great ease.

I hope this speaks to you. My intention was for the illumination for the coming month but this gave me great hope for navigating what might be a chaotic and turbulent year. All is well. KNOW that all will be well in the long run. All things in heaven and earth have to play out. You cannot fit a new kitchen without first tearing out the old, right down to the ‘bones’ of the house!

Labradorite – “A highly mystical and protective stone. Bringer of light and raiser of consciousness. Deflects unwanted energies, prevents energy leaks. Stimulates intuition and the art of ‘right timing.’ Banishes fear, insecurities, and psychic debris from past disappointments. Allows for contemplation and introspection. Synthesizing intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom.”

And finally: With Pluto reentering Aquarius** on January 20th we are being called to upgrade, level up, get centered and grounded. This is activating a deep shift in consciousness, it’s a feeling of “there’s no going back to the old ways of being and old ways of thinking, to what was.” Molly McCord has a couple of great videos if you want to know more 🙂

** (not quite full time into Aquarius yet, until September when it will dip back into Capricorn through mid Nov. When it finally shifts back to Aquarius Nov 19 it will be there until 2044!)

Breaking into a million pieces – Sun conjunct Pluto at 0° of Aquarius
Pluto in Aquarius Working with each Pluto generation

With love and blessings till next time. J

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