Stone of the Month – September 2022

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This month’s topic from HIWExpanding Your Cosmic Awareness.

I can’t remember when I was last so excited about a stone I found to go with the suggested topic from HIW!!

Expanding your own cosmic awareness (or even just the everyday kind) can have its ups and downs. For me it has been exciting, sometimes confusing, and on occasion has so knocked me for six it’s taken days, nay sometimes even weeks to integrate, absorb and then raise up to match the expansion. There’s always an element of my “needing to understand” that gets in the way, despite my knowing it doesn’t actually help. I saw a great reminder on social media only just this week from the Energetic Alchemist (@crystal_the_ea); my paraphrase – “You don’t have to understand you just have to be open to receive, then your soul will understand.” Yes Carolyn A. Jones, I needed to see/hear that one more time!

So, onto the stone & why I’m so excited. It’s because of the times we find ourselves in, RIGHT NOW, and the way we are all being called to expand, hold, shine, be authentic, and more. This awakening, showing up and shining, is imperative. Those of us already on the journey can be mentors & role models just by being ourselves, and we can ask for help, and we can wear help inside our auric fields…

May I introduce you to – Charoite! I am going to quote almost directly from Judy Hall – talk about hitting the nail right smack on the head:

Charoite is a stone of transformation. It’s a soul stone that overcomes fear, stimulates inner vision & spiritual insight. Aids coping with enormous change at a spiritual level by synthesizing heart & crown chakras, cleansing the aura, & stimulating unconditional love. It encourages vibrational change & links to higher realities. At the dame time providing deep physical & emotional healing. Helps us accept the present moment as perfect.

I could go on. What I will add is that this stone can work at all levels whether you are on the first step of your journey to cosmic awareness or already well on the way. There is always room for more love, more expansion, more acceptance, and more integration.

Here’s to expanding awareness:
Amethyst – The serenity of amethyst enhances a higher state of consciousness.
Ametrine – Connect the physical to the higher consciousness.
Aquamarine – Use during meditation to facilitate reaching a higher state of consciousness.
Calcite – Spiritual stones linked to the higher consciousness that can open to even higher levels.
Danburite – Activates both the intellect & the higher consciousness, linking in to angelic realms.
Herkimer Diamond – Stimulate conscious attunement to highest spiritual levels, linking to guidance from higher dimensions.
Labradorite – Raises consciousness & connects with universal energies.
Moldavite – Has its own cosmic oversoul. Can connect you with Ascended Masters & cosmic messengers.
Pietersite – Links everyday consciousness to the spiritual. Reminds us we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
Quartz – Works at spiritual level to raise energy to highest possible level for the individual & attunes to spiritual purpose.
Selenite – Very fine energy. Opens crown chakra. Accesses angelic & higher consciousness. Anchors light body to earth’s vibration.

Love & Blessings till next time. J

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