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Micro Energy Shields – Update

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Aug 11, 2022 | Balance, Healing Stones

Well, well, my friends, can you believe it’s been this long since the mask mandates were lifted? Time goes by so fast. And I must say I’m pleased to not have to wear a mask on a regular basis, if at all. I don’t want to get controversial here, I do understand, however, I was experiencing some grief from wearing them, from the pressure of “having” to wear one, and I have say, at least a couple of times, I experienced what I believe was a panic attack. I’m of the belief that this was an echo from another, or possibly several other, lifetimes but the emotional effects were no less real in this here and now. ***

So – what to do with all those incredible Micro Energy Shield charms , both those you were wearing and the ones I still have? I made them to help others experiencing similar feelings, and those wanting to add a little extra lift to their own protection. Did you stick them in a drawer believing they are no longer needed or useful? Au contraire. They are all still filled with the beautiful shining & protective energy from their initial creation! What can we do with them now?

Well you my friends came up with some great ideas which I decided to share here:

  • Hang from or on that personnel badge or lanyard you have to wear.
  • Add one to your key chain
  • Clip one to a zipper; back pack, purse, wallet, handbag straps

There were another couple of ideas that I thought were awesome…

  • Add one to your jacket zipper !!! I hate to bring this up when it’s almost 100°s outside, but there will come a time!
  • Give yourself a phone charm! I admit to being clueless on this one. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do that on my phone. However, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t, right 🙂

These pins have stones that carry and exude calming, soothing, centering, balancing and grounding energies that can help me to get and keep my poise and focus. All the above usage suggestions would mean these benefits would still be inside your immediate energy fields (and add some “charming” girly bling).

All the pins are infused with Reiki energy. I’m continuing to put this idea out in the world so we can all feel more calm, comfortable, and with just a smidge of extra protection and an energy boost + might as well do it with style!

They are small & light and create a small zone of localized calm, & protection inside your energy field.   Pick yours today.

*** My story of where this idea came from.

My first problematic experience with wearing a mask was at a dental checkup. I was not expecting any issues beyond my regular, expected, controllable, dental anxiety. By the time I’d gone through huge red stop signs, a list of 25 high anxiety cautions and things to do before even opening the door, a temperature check (don’t get me started), and another 7-10 questions I was a hyperventilating, tearful, shaking, wreck. Yes I was eventually able to take off the mask & yes I got through the cleaning and check up but at what cost to myself? And what did my behaviour cost the staff in dealing with me in that state? The rest of the day I felt absolutely drained and honestly still a little tearful when the memory of the anxiety surfaced.
What I often do in high anxiety moments is try to carve out 5-10 minutes to meditate with my beautiful stones & crystals. (I have an altar – just in case you had weird imaginings about my hugging all my inventory!) The idea came to me that I could add some stones to the mask I carry, and carve out a few quiet, deep breathing, moments before putting it on.

That’s it, simple, a small thing to protect and calm myself when I need to be socially appropriate. I hope they serve you too.

My parting shot (update) – I hope, fervently, that these Micro Energy Shields will become obsolete — and earrings 🙂
The first part came true at least for now. As to earrings, nah – I think I’m the only person I know that wears odd, non-matching earrings but the other suggestions are awesome ↑ ↑

Love & Blessings till next time. J

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