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Stone of the Month – May 2023

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Blue Lace Agate

This month’s topic from HIWSound Healing and How it Works. (Throat Chakra)

Interesting topic this month – prompted me to do some research – fascinating.

Crystal healing has been around as a concept since time immemorial, our ancients and ancestors used stones as talismans, in medicine bags, as protectors, and healers. Stones and crystals all carry their own vibrations, resonance, and tones when struck. Shaman knew (know) that crystals could be used to focus sound and light vibrations to be used in healing. This feels to me to be the same way that modern sound healing works using singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, drums, cymbals and whatever else sound healers use in their practice, focusing their artful vibrations where needed by their clients for healing.

Homeopathic principles came up over and over, using terms such as “like cures like” to understand that toxic stones like Malachite can clear toxicity from the body. Magnetite, which holds both a negative and a positive electrical charge, can stimulate something underactive and, as needed, be calming in an overactive situation. Some crystals can ignite a beneficial and fast “healing storm” by bringing up a challenge to be faced and cleared, think Black Obsidian. Others like gentle Jasper or Rose Quartz will nudge and support you through a slow process of recovery. All this works through being in contact with their frequency even though we cannot see it and most do not hear or feel in consciously.

Crystals work through their vibration to help rebalance the body’s biomagnetic sheath. There are a number of terms used interchangeably for this; our aura, the auric field, bodies and fields, the bio-field. We are energetic beings, energy and light bodies, and we are all affected by sound, frequency and vibration, whether we realize it or not. Think about how you feel when a fire truck goes by, and you’re right there, covering your ears from the onslaught and how it sets your nerves jangling!

So – on to my choice for this months’ support of the Sound Healing topic. It was actually a no-brainer once I read more on Blue Lace Agate.

Sept 22 Dog Days of Summer jewelry set
Blue Lace Agate is a powerful throat healer, offers strength for the throat chakra and can assist us with cultivating verbal expression. It is a gentle energy, considered one of the great nurturing and supportive stones. Where it excels is in enhancing sound healing because it can fine tune, focus, and direct sound to the appropriate part of the body requiring the attention of the healing vibrations.

Amethyst – Extremely powerful & protective stones, very high vibrational energy. Transmutes “lower” energies into higher frequencies of the spiritual & etheric realms. Stimulates throat chakra.
Black Obsidian – Shields against negative energy. Provides a secure grounding cord for the base chakra. Helpful for sensitive people. *
Jaspers – Knows as the supreme nurturers. Used in healing practices can unify all aspects of life. Provides protection & grounds energies. Balances yin yang qualities. Aligns bodies & fields with the etheric realm. Blue Jasper can stimulate the throat chakra.
Magnetite – As the name suggests, Magnetite is magnetic & has a powerful positive-negative polarity. Used in healing it works with the body’s own magnetic field, energizing/calming, attracting/repelling as necessary. Helps align chakras & meridians and subtle & etheric bodies.
Malachite – Amplifies both positive & negative. Considered to be stone of the New Age & to be still evolving. Brings balance & harmony, opens the heart to unconditional love. **
Rose Quartz – Brings deep inner healing & self-love. Gently draws off negative energy, replacing with loving vibrations.
Smoky Quartz – Most efficient grounding & anchoring stone, while raising vibration to a high degree. Grounds spiritual energy & neutralizes negative vibrations.

Final note: Crystals and Stones and Rocks, Oh My! Did you know that crystals are piezolelectric? This means that when they’re compressed they produce electricity and even light! This is the basis for ultra sound machines which use piezoelectric crystals to produce sound waves to produce images.

* Use with great care, its cathartic qualities can bring negative emotions, flaws, & unpleasant truths rushing to the surface for examination & healing!
** Toxic when in raw state. Use only polished stones and NEVER directly for elixirs!

Love & Blessings till next time. J

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