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May 3, 2014 | Soutache OMG

Red-SoutacheSo – I bought Amee’s book (you can too at White Fox Beads) cos I was sold on the whole Soutache thing and I couldn’t wait to get hands on with this stuff. I freaking love it!!! I’m sure you have gathered that I love this stuff, especially if you checked out my Pinterest page which grows apparently like Topsy!

My bragging on myself this time is about the earrings. You’ll notice if you follow my Pinterest board that the vast majority of earrings are what I call “danglies” and however much I admire the skill and artistry of the things I ‘pin’ I really don’t care to wear “danglies” – feel as though I have creepy crawlies on my neck. Soooo – my challenge was to take this open style of soutachae and make earrings with posts. Say so myself but mission accomplished!

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