Christmas Earrings

By Janet Edkins

Bead weaving jewelry artist in love with healing crystals & stones.
May 27, 2015

Here’s my post, as promised, about my ‘Christmas’ earrings.

Handmade Christmas Ball EarringsThe first pair were inspired by the idea of the dodecahedron beaded beads. I just love making these. The instructions vary so my advice is to find one that makes sense to you. I use one where you lay out all the beads in advance to keep you on track, and using two needles working back and forth left to right.

christmasBallsStudIf you recall my previous post – My first piece of jewelry (almost) – I mentioned “I didn’t have the right skills to make “proper” earrings, nor the correct findings, wires, pliers, etc., etc., nor the time or inclination to get same. So I got creative instead.” Look closely at the way the earrings are meant to hang. I used 15 Czech charlottes to form a small loop, small enough to fit behind any existing pair of small studs-of which I have plenty.

You’ll notice a theme developing if you look at the 2nd pair. They actually have a dodecahedron in the middle fashioned from the same size 15 Czech charlottes. Yes I know I’m insane, my beading buddies seldom miss an opportunity to tell me so. I fashioned a Christmas star around the beaded bead (a design I use frequently for my greetings cards) cos of course that was very ‘christmassy’.

christmasStarsThe difference for the fitting of this pair is that a sewed on a small finding that I had. Don’t know what it’s called, or why for that matter I had them, but they were in my stash and everything is fair game when it comes to creativity. I wasn’t really happy that you can see the thread but once they are behind a stud-hey presto, thread hidden.

I was pretty pleased with these even though I say so myself.

Till next time. Enjoy the process. J

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