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Self-Care – Do we even know what that really means?

Self-care has come into my awareness several times this week and I felt lead to write about it again. I know I’ve written around this topic before, maybe with different titles, but it’s so important right now! I was listening to Lee Harris this morning and once more self-care came up.

Self-care is not a luxury or something you just do at the weekend.

Self-care is also NOT selfish. I know I’ve said this before, if you are on an aircraft you have to put your own mask on first. You cannot help anyone if you are working with an empty cup or ill health, burning the candle at both ends or surviving on 5 hours sleep and coffee.That all sounds very preachy but I know you know that I’m right.

How I do self-care consists a number of things that make up my “quiet time” on a daily basis. Do I always do all of them, no, do I always do something – absolutely:
Prayer – Connecting & Grounding – This is the one thing I do every day – Out loud declaration to plug in to the energy of my guides and the universe, then grounding these through me to Mother Gaia so I am anchored in this reality as a Divine Sovereign Being connected to the all.
General Journaling – A great way to get all the daily garbage out of my head, down on paper. Negative thoughts, complaints, old stories, anything that comes up. Once that has all cleared I often have questions or things I want to work on and can ask questions of my guides & guardians to see if I can discern a direction or information.
Meditating – Sometime I just sit quietly taking in my view of the mountains, maybe Venus in the pre-dawn light, often the sunrise, always the birds.
Gratitude Journal – A Gratitude Journal is indispensable! Write at least 3 things every day that you are grateful for. Work up to five things, then make it so 3 of them have to be new and different each day. My good friend, mentor & teacher Carolyn A Jones has been shouting this from the rooftops for years and I still love listening to her passion for this practice. It has definitely been transformative for me.
Oracle Deck card pull/reading – What can I say about Oracle Decks. I know I don’t have as many as some people but ‘Oh My’ they are so helpful and thought provoking. I have The Mystical Shaman Oracle (Villoldo, Baron-Reid, & Lobos), The Enchanted Map (Colette Baron-Reid), The Starseed Oracle (Rebecca Campbell), & The Soul Call Cards (Amy Oscar).
Dream Journal – The dream journal is always 1st if I wake up from one. It’s imperative for me that I do this before aught else. It takes but seconds for it to shred. I keep the dream journal on the top of the stack so I don’t have to think 🙂
Listen to YouTube favs or podcast – Listening to YouTube seems frivolous on the face of it but I follow a number of interesting, wise & informative people and there’s always stuff to catch up on. Astrology, Energy, and Meditations are just a few of my regular topics, then there’s Channeling & Light Language, British History, ooooh & beading 🙂

A few stones to help with the beginning stages: self-awareness, belief, and love

Apophyllite – “Calms & grounds the spirit. Allows feeling comfortable in your own body. Recognition of one’s true self.”
Chrysocolla – “Encourages self-awareness & inner balance, imparts confidence & sensitivity.”
Labradorite – “Stimulates intuition, brings messages from the unconscious mind to facilitate understanding. Strengthens faith in self.”
Lapis Lazuli – “Harmonizes physical, mental emotional & spiritual levels; in balance these bring harmony & deep inner self-knowledge & self-awareness.”
Rose Quartz – “Stone of unconditional love & peace. THE most important crystal for the heart, including self-love.”
Pink Tourmaline – “Confirms it’s necessary to love yourself first…”

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