By Janet Edkins

Bead weaving jewelry artist channelling the healing power of Gaia's crystal & stone gifts.
December 6, 2021

Are you looking for extra layers of protection? Whether on a physical level or for etheric smog like EMF, read on.

I’ve been nudged by my guides to write on the subject of “protection.” And, although I trust that All Shall Be Well,” eventually, I see no reason to forgo protections available to us as we so choose. Not out of fear, merely from prudence.

There are many among us who broadcast, unknowingly, their own angst, fears, and sometimes harsh attitudes. In addition, there are any number of physical bacteria & viruses out there, and we also encounter electromagnetic smog hazards like cell phones, microwaves, computers, cell towers (5G). Need I go on? My attitude to all these is – no thank you! Not welcome in my bodies and fields. Setting intentions and adding stone and or crystal boosters can be made an integral part of your daily self-care, just like healthy food, exercise, supplements, and quiet time.

As a matter of course my daily practice includes meditation and a gratitude journal to raise and keep my vibratory frequency as high as I can manage. My routine before leaving my house is to ‘zip-up.’ If you are unfamiliar with this term – check back with me later. I’m hoping to get access to a video for you. In addition to zipping up I always wear my personal high frequency jewelry. These pieces enhance and strengthen my own intentions to shine my light and prevent potential etheric, physical, and/or psychic intrusions.

These are a few stones that are known, and have been used and worn by many societies, sometimes for millennia, as protective talismans, amulets, and charms.

For overall awesomeness across the board on the protection strata:

Black Tourmaline – Protects against EMF smog, cell phones & negative energies of all kinds. Strengthens the immune system.
Fluorite – Highly protective. Cleanses & stabilizes aura. Effective against computer & EMF smog. Draws off negative energies. Powerful healing tool & against viruses.
Herkimer Diamonds – One of the strongest crystals for clearing EMF smog. Detoxificant, protects against radioactivity. Corrects DNA & cellular disorders.
Iron Pyrite – Excellent energy shield. Blocks negative energy & pollutants on all levels, inc infectious diseases. Protects subtle & physical bodies.
Lepidolite – Clears EMF pollution. Insists on only being used for highest good. Dissipates negativity. Strengthens immune system, restructures DNA, aids production of negative ions.
Turquoise – Efficient healer. Ancient protective stone. Purification stone, dispels negative energy, clears EMF smog, protects against environmental pollutants. Enhances physical & psychic immunity. Assuages pollution & viral infections.

My personal additions to this selection would be: Clear Quartz for amplification. Selenite as a cleanser. Shungite (a relatively new find) is, according to Judy Hall, “profoundly protective and a phenomenal shield.”

Many other of Gaia’s gifts provide different kinds & levels of protection. Drop me an email for an extended list.

With love & blessings. J

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