So I have to talk about earrings. “Danglies” are not on my list of favs however, “Danglies” are really fun to make and the “I’m Dancin” series made me laugh every time I made a pair.

I finished a largish statement necklace using size 8 black beads and gold magatamas and felt it needed something more. Earrings were the obvious choice but how to begin. You’ve all seen my first attempt at earrings! I just started threading beads to see how they would look, lo & behold the Magatamas on the bottom looked like shoes (admittedly those belonging to a certain female mouse) but shoes nevertheless. I burst out laughing and earrings were now on my radar. Off I went to White Fox Beads to get a lesson on ear wires and jump rings, and pliers, and now we have yet more history.

PussyCatsDancinI call these “Pussycats Dancin'”. I know, weird right, but only if you see that the top beads are butterflies and you can’t imagine a cat in shoes! The beads made me think of cats with their ears perked, hence the name. Then I made more…

I made some earrings for my soutache sets, on posts (because I don’t like “Danglies”) and they were an interesting challenge too. I recently bought some backs to make clip-ons so they will be my next earrings adventure. Check back for updates.

Till next time. Enjoy the process. J