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By Janet Edkins

Bead weaving jewelry artist in love with healing crystals & stones.
June 26, 2020

Healing stones generally work best, offer the most metaphysical support, if they touch the skin. (And if worn inside your auric field – more about that later.)

Brecciated JasperTo this end I try to make stone pendants wearable both sides thus leaving stone surface available for direct contact. * I also take care with highly patterned stones to try to match colors with beads so they look almost seamless/edgeless. This piece of Brecciated Jasper is a beautiful specimen and completely different through the two sides.

Lepidolite with silver beads   Lepidolite plainAt other times both sides of a stone might be more or less the same but to two sides want to be/look different. By adding other beads and small design choices I offer you two pieces in one, an either or choice for you when adding to an outfit.

Yes, I did say the stone wants! If you are new to energy healing and the metaphysical properties of stones you are likely unaware that they carry an energy each their own.

When I am working I am lead to the appropriate form for each, even if I have a set idea or plan. Actually, especially if I have a plan. I have had more than one stone literally jump out of my hands and break beads around them when a different capture is preferred. I regularly walk on broken glass when my ego gets in the way of my creative flow. 🙂

Till next time. J

    *   There are a small number of stones to be wary of, again, more later, but on the whole if a stone has been polished it should be safe. Most stones small enough for jewelry do not have enough toxic content to be a problem. I’m assuming you won’t be considering making elixirs from your jewelry!

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