Chakra Alignment

By Janet Edkins

Bead weaving jewelry artist in love with healing crystals & stones.
September 23, 2020

Blatantly stealing the beautifully precise information from my exceptional healer, mentor, Reiki Master & Coach, and all round amazing good friend, Carolyn A Jones. She has this e-book available and if you are just starting out on the healing energy journey – start here: Introduction to our Beginner’s Guide to Energy and Chakras.

Energy is the building block of life. Like the air we breathe, we usually can’t see it, but it flows through everything. It’s only a shift of resonance that gives us the illusion of substance.

There are any number of modalities that will bring your energy/chakras into alignment: Reiki, Biofiled Tuning, Accupuncture, Healing Touch, Cranio Sacral, to mention just a few. Your work is then keeping yourself in balance as much as you can in between treatments or sessions. Wearing a stone of balance can be helpful in addition to any other practice you may choose.

I started down this path some years ago and have developed an affinity to the crystals & stones I work with as well as my personal collection. Stones & crystals vibrate with an energy all their own, grown in the heart of Mother Gaia. Wearing them, or just carrying one in your pocket, can affect your energy field. In particular, Quartz, Kyanite & Calcite are ultra healing & balancing stones for all chakras, bringing them into alignment & balance, cleansed, open, & spinning. As a side note, Jade encourages one to recognize self as a spiritual being on a human journey. This has become a vital part of knowing for me and in my keeping my balance and alignment.

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