Bracelets & Your Auric Field

By Janet Edkins

Bead weaving jewelry artist channelling the healing power of Gaia's crystal & stone gifts.
April 26, 2021

I’ve talked in the past about wearing your favorite crystals and stones inside your auric field. Yes you can carry them in a pocket or a medicine pouch, however, wearing them against your skin can boost their efficacy immensely. Whatever you are looking for, e.g. to boost your energy, enhance your abilities, calm nerves, or protect from negativity, a stone worn inside your auric field can be powerful.

What to do though if your profession, passion, purpose does not lend itself to wearing your chosen stone as a necklace? Lets face it we’ve all been there or seen that a necklace can be a nuisance, maybe even a liability. Bracelets!

Elasticated Healing Stone Bracelets are my solution if necklaces are your problem. Your auric field surrounds your whole body, including your wrists. An elasticated bracelet, whilst not granting the longevity of a formal piece, answers so many needs:

  • ease of wearing (taking on & off)
  • stones touching your skin
  • close fitting
  • one size almost always fits all
  • not jangly, clanky, or noisy
  • usually very cost efficient (compared to more formal clasp bracelets)

AND, following this train of thought to it’s logical conclusion, Anklets! Possibly an even better solution! Completely out of the way, even cloaked by trousers 🙂 Most of the bracelets I have available could be made in an expanded or extended format. Drop me a line & let’s talk about what you are looking to wear. Of course I have wired, formal, bracelets with clasps too, they are all in the store together.

Crystals & stones are Gaia’s gifts to everyone, not just Starseeds, Lightworkers or Empaths. Each carry their own energies that help support our energy body, whether we know what that is or not.

Featured image is Moldavite, Hematite, Peridot & sterling silver.

Love & Blessings till next time. J

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