Pink Danburite

Stone of the Month – December 2023

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Pink Danburite

This month’s topic from HIW – The Difference Between Patience & Waiting (Soul Star)

Ooooh – I love the topic this month. Must be coming up for my inspection. I’ve a huge tendency to be impatient. If I’m working on something, especially personal inner work, I want to get it done. I want “it” to be completed, finished, accomplished, worked through, beaten down and cried over, so I can move on. Most of the time I’d say I’m not even clear on just what it is I’m wanting to move on to but that never seems to mitigate the impatience!

I decided to look up the dictionary definitions for a little distance and some clarity.
Waiting: the act of remaining inactive or stationary. Synonyms: Queuing, biding, sitting, lurking.
Patience: bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint. The ability to wait or to continue doing something despite difficulties. Synonyms: Forbearance, long-suffering, tolerance.

This made it easy for me to tease apart. Waiting and queuing are an ingrained part of the British culture, and although I believe people may be getting a little less sanguine about all the necessary queuing, they’re still accustomed to and tolerate it. Make no mistake though, that tolerance does not extend to anyone ‘queue jumping.’ It will be made known, with a loud “Oi” and in no uncertain terms, just exactly where the back of the line is and that queue jumpers should have no doubt about making their way in that direction! 😂

Kaleidoscope Triangles earringsBased on the two Patience definitions I would say “what a perfect description for a Pisces!” I tend not to bear trials or pains, or indeed many, many other things, without complaint, and, I constantly receive compliments for my jewelry about just how much patience I must have to work with such tiny beads. Here’s a little sample of my beading “patience.” 😂 I actually don’t need any of those traits for long suffering, tolerance, nor forbearance. This work is something I love. The more complicated the pattern and smaller the bead, the better I like it!

Pink DanburiteAnd now onto this month’s Stone of the Month:

Pink Danburite – A highly spiritual stone carrying a very pure vibration. Activates intellect & higher consciousness. Promotes ease, helps change recalcitrant attitudes bringing infinite patience & peace of mind. Wearing Danburite provides a link to serenity & eternal wisdom. Excellent facilitator for deep change & leaving the past behind. Opens the heart, encouraging love of self.


As always many stones can help with patience:

Amber – Stimulates intellect, promotes positive mental state & creative expression. Brings balance & patience, encourages decision-making, & aids memory. Encourages peacefulness & develops trust.
Emerald – Stone of inspiration & infinite patience. Opens the heart, calms emotions. Ensures physical, mental & emotional equilibrium.
Howlite – Extremely calming stone. Teaches patience, eliminates rage & uncontrolled anger. Helps overcome selfish traits & criticalness, strengthening positive character traits.
Orbicular Jasper – Assists in accepting responsibility & instilling patience. Its circular markings resonate with circular breathing.
Silver Sheen Obsidian – Provides a mirror of inner being. Imparts patience & perseverance when required.
Green Tourmaline – Promotes tenderness, compassion, patience, & a sense of belonging.
Watermelon Tourmaline – Super activator of heart chakra, links to higher self, fostering love, tenderness, friendship, & fostering patience. Teaches tact & diplomacy.

White is the color of the Soul Star chakra and white stones can help with opening, activating, and balancing. Clear Quartz, Rainbow Quartz, White Danburite, and Selenite would all be excellent. Here’s a great article for more info and stones for the Soul Star…

Final thought: This was a good look in the mirror for me, with many a chuckle too.
With love and blessings till next time. J

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