Stone of the Month – August 2020

Diamond pyramids

By Janet Edkins

Bead weaving jewelry artist in love with healing crystals & stones.
August 7, 2020

As in all things crystals & stones there is no ONE perfect stone that will act to Boost Your Energy. It’s always all about your aura and your individual needs. Here a few for you to consider:
Diamond – Girls Best Friend! Right? Yes it’s a powerful amplifier of energy, both positive AND negative. It imparts fearlessness, invincibility & fortitude AND casts a ruthless light on any negativity needing attention!
Garnet – Powerfully energizing & balancing. Bestows passion or serenity as necessary. Great to have in a crisis to help with courage, hope & survival instincts.
Kyanite – Both an amplifier & a transmitter of high-frequency energies. Comes in blue, black, gray, green & orange. And occasionally gold dusted!
Malachite – POWERFUL. As with Diamond it amplifies both positive AND negative energies. It’s a great stone of protection.
Fire Opal – The enhancer of personal power. Beware the potential for explosive release of deep feelings.
Quartz Quartz Quartz – There are volumes written about this most amazing of crystals. Powerful healing & energy expansion.

I cannot stress this enough: Read up on all attributes. The more powerful a stone, the more potential for the unexpected.

Did You Know; wearing your birthstone will work to ground & amplify your celestial energies! My advice, look beyond the established, the commercial, the common place. Each astrological sign has many multiples of stones & crystals associated, you’ll be surprised. Email me for your extensive list: janet@janetedkins.com

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