Jewelry Energy Clearing


I use distance Reiki to connect to the item(s) selected by you. I clear any negativity, or attachments, add a blessing, and ask the Universal spirit to enhance the inherent natural healing properties for your best and highest good. Finally, I seal the clearing and blessing with profound love, restoring your pieces to their original vibrancy.

We may wear our jewelry occasionally, we may wear it all the time, some pieces we never take off. It hangs or sits on our bodies, within our auras and etheric energetic bodies. Everything is energy, it's all around us, personal, environmental, technological. Stones and metals are energetically porous so our jewelry absorbs the forces around us, even the collective consciousness.

  • How long have you been wearing your favorite necklace around your throat chakra or over your heart chakra?
  • What stresses have you been dealing with?
  • Who might you have been around?

Chances are your favorite piece is overloaded with discordant energetics.

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