Congruence1I don’t recall whether these are Vintage Buttons, but they certainly spoke to me with their shape. They went from being very structured and triangular in the beginning, to being rather organic, almost octopus-ish! Must be the bright green and the bicones! I love that startling contrast with the black.

It’s interesting to me that all but one of the “Saga of the Buttons” are black. Just a reflection of my penchant for wearing the colour; we are all drawn to certain colours, they simply draw the eye when they are favourites.

CongruenceSaturnChainI used the Gail DelucaSaturn Chain” yet again, adapting it to match my piece. I love this chain so much because it is infinitely flexible. It is relatively simple to accomplish, with instruction, yet looks sophisticated, complex, intricate, and is such a great compliment to a piece or even as a stand alone necklace.

Till next time. Enjoy the process. J