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Master Bead Weaving Artist and Gaia’s Jeweler, channeling the healing power of Gaia’s gifts of crystal & stone into Beads of Light. Infused with the Light & Love of Shamballa & Reiki energy.

Made with love for Valentines day

I’m lead this Valentine’s day to talk about my process and the love that I pour into my pieces as I create them. I’ve always done this, I know that now. Before I may have considered that my attention to details, looking for the different wrap, the asymmetry, were part of my perfectionism. Not so.

My understanding is that what has developed over time is a “way of being” with each stone. Many people ask me: “How do you do that?” If you’ve never worked with beads, needle & thread, off loom bead weaving the technical beading process will likely have no frame of reference. So I thought I’d talk about my energetic process. This is where the love comes in.

I start by washing my hands with some beautiful locally made Lavender Knox Girl Soap. My table is surrounded with beautiful Accelerator imagery from Bryan de Flores connecting me to my team, to Master St Germain (to “activate my hand chakras and the etheric diamond filaments in the fingertips”), and to the Divine. I keep a copy of one specific piece under my bead mat, Angel Seal (to provide angelic protection) together with a healing code to enhance my creative flow and inspiration.

I choose a stone or crystal radiating inspiration. Next step is to choose the beads and colors, and figure the way to wrap it securely. I want to promote the best aspect of the piece especially if it has a spirit, a picture orientation, a rainbow perhaps. (Main image is a custom piece – it made me think of Tree Beard.) And I have to say at this point, regardless of how weird or woo-woo this might sound, the stones have ways of making it known to me if they want something other than my original idea! I cannot tell you the number of times a stone felt like it literally jumped out of my hands and broke the beads on the floor. Not the stone mind, just the beads! These are a couple of examples:

The Pink Labradorite started as a fully enclosed setting, ended up as free form to follow the internal striations. The Picasso Jasper had a one-color wrap and wanted to reflect all its myriad glory. : )
As I work and build the base wrap I get inspiration on how plain or fancy, knowing and seeing when and where to add extra beads, tiny stone beads, or extensions like fringes. I have a gorgeous collection of tiny tiny 2mm stones exactly for the purpose of filling gaps and adding extra energy, and maybe sparkle.

Most pieces are two sided, usually a little bit different. Just occasionally I work with an ultra-suede backing if the stone is very small, or rough.

The last step is the chain. Depending on the size and weight of the finished stone I might make a simple bead strung chain or I may spend hours bead weaving Chenille diamond stitch, or a Russian Spiral. Sometime I go half and half with Ndebele. Just occasionally I get inspired to count a Fibonacci sequence into chains. My clients and customers often don’t notice, or know what it is, but I do. 🙂

As a final step I perform a clearing & blessing. I clear any negative energies that may have accumulated to any of the individual components. I thank all the people involved in my being able to buy all those components, from miners, to grinders, to bead makers, and the vendors who find and sell them all. I could not create the whole finished piece without them. I thank Gaia for allowing the stone to be brought to the people. I ask the Universe to bless it, infusing it with Reiki energy and asking that it be boosted in its capacity to support the healing requirements of its new owner.

I’m not sure how much of all this has meaning for you so I’ll leave you with this. I take great care creating my jewelry but most importantly I put the healing energy of my whole heart space into my work, filling each piece from an overflowing cup of love.

With love & blessings. J

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