Immunity Boosting Stones

By Janet Edkins

Bead weaving jewelry artist in love with healing crystals & stones.
July 16, 2020

In light of our current situation I wanted to offer ideas for immunity boosting in the simplest of ways. Wear or carry a stone. Simple. A gift from Mother Earth. These are suggestions:    Moss Agate, Brown/Picture Jasper, Lapis Lazuli & Sodalite.

The main picture is a faceted teardrop of Lapis “Winged, Egyptian style” with matching earrings. These are some others I have in stock. 

Stones I have in stock awaiting your attention, from top left – Moss Agate, matched Lapis cabs for earrings, a double pointed Sodalite wand, and a Lapis Worry stone. Hopefully the quarter in the center will give you enough perspective on size.

Email me if you would like to buy or commission jewelry, or if you have your own stone already. I love the challenge of doing custom work.

If you just want a stone in your pocket Stones of Spirit & Go Nutrition have mounds 🙂

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