Extending the life of your elastic jewelry.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people yanking on their elastic bracelets (and the bracelets I have on display for sale!)

This may seem like such a simple thing but: Roll them ladies. Roll them.

Inside the holes of healing stone beads is usually rough, they are stone or crystal after all. Don’t forget Obsidian is actually glass. Overly stretching the elastic makes extra friction leading to unnecessary wear & tear. This can reduce the life of your cherished bracelet, or anything elastic for that matter. Anklets & malas often come on an elastic base.

Here’s the simple “How To

  • Clasp the fingers and thumb together and slide the bracelet on.
  • Roll it over the knuckles.
  • Keep rolling over the heel of the thumb.
  • And et voilà.

Beautifully in place, no muss, no fuss, least amount of friction.