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Awakening – 3

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Jul 20, 2022 | Balance

Hello my friends, continuing my theme on the “awakening soul.” At the end of my last video, I talked about wearing stones and crystals inside your energy body, acting as accelerators. I got several questions about that.
“What’s the energy body?
What’s an accelerator?
How can stones do that?
How do they work?”
Now I’m not an expert and I’m not offering any kind of advice, medical, physical, or whatever. I only know my own experience and the amount of research that I’ve done for myself. So the words, the term, energy body, is about the energy that’s around you. There are other terms often used interchangeably, the auric field, the biofield, the aura. There’s a lot of information out there if you want to go deeper.

My simple explanation would be; say you’re at a meeting and somebody comes and stands really close to you and you feel uncomfortable. That’s basically you feeling their energy inside your energy field. And that could be one foot away. It could be 10 feet away. It’s all about how big your energy field is and how wide and strong their field is. So that’s what you’re feeling is your energy body and their energy body.

How the stones can help with this? My simplest explanation is the stones and crystals that I use are all gifts from Gaia. They each carry their own vibration and energy, and come to us with love. When you wear them, carry them in your pocket, or in your bra, they’re inside your energy field, adding their energy and beautiful vibration to help your energy; to increase it, to support it, whatever you need. That may make it sound like they’re somehow psychic, but that’s what they do.

Keeping your energy field charged and clear is one of the key things to keeping your own inner peace and your center. I’ve got blogs on this. Plus there’s lots of information out on the internet. There’s people who’ve done way more research on this than I have.

One thing I will say is that ancient peoples and indigenous peoples have understood about the energy of Gaia and her gifts for millennia. I’m so, so pleased that this ancient knowledge is coming back into more mainstream. Did you know that ancient seafarers carried Aquamarine as a talisman against drowning. How did they know? I don’t know, but they did. Some of them still do. Many people have researched and investigated the properties, and the energies, and the healing metaphysical capacity of stones, lots and lots and lots of people, very knowledgeable.

I have a couple of sources that I use for my information and they resonate with me. The information they provide helps me to tease out my intuition on what details I provide with each creation. I think the key to figuring out what you need, what you like, what you feel about stones and crystal,s boils down to how you resonate with the information and how it speaks to you. How does it fit or gel with how you feel about the stone? Look for more information and feel into what resonates with you. Of course, if you just want to buy a piece of beautiful jewelry, I’m up for that too. The energies of the stones will help you. Even if you are not conscious you are looking for specific “help.”

I use the term “Accelerator” in much the way the scientific community would: “an instrument that increases the kinetic energy of charged particles.” What the stones can initiate, depending on where you are on your ascension path, and what you might be open to, is a jump up in energetic levels. And be assured, your own guidance is in charge of this, however you view that (God, Angels, Divine guides), will not allow you to overstep your own capacity. You get what you need, when you are ready.
My jewelry is all made with love. It’s blessed and cleansed with love and light. I ask the universal energies to pour light into the piece, that it may be for the best and highest good of the person who buys it.

If I can be of assistance to you with an item of jewelry, a stone, or just with information and support, I’d be honored. If you would trust me with that, drop me a DM on Facebook, an email, a comment, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Till next time. Blessings. J

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