Awakening – 2

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Jun 20, 2022 | Balance

Hello my friends, continuing my theme on the “awakening soul,” and looking at my potential part in what I see as this Grand Universal Design.

The word awakening is starting to seem a little overused to me, but I realized that it’s maybe unknown to people in the beginning stages. I don’t know whether this is helpful, but it was helpful to me. I looked at some other words for awakening. I came up with a epiphany, rebirth, enlightenment, and I most liked the word dawning. I think a lot of things are dawning on a lot of people.

I was interested recently; I saw a post, probably on Facebook, about how many people are NOT wondering why they’re here on the planet. And I don’t think that’s true. I think there are way more people now asking questions generally, and of themselves. What is my value? What am I doing here? How can I go higher? How can I figure out what I want and need?

I know that I have a part to play in this, and although I struggled with that in the past, at this point, I know that my part to play is making, and of course selling, my healing stone jewelry. I am doing what I want and what I truly love. I’m also taking opportunities that have been presented to me because I’m really understanding my value, my worth, and the value of putting myself out there. (I have monthly & quarterly subscription boxes too )

I follow a number of astrologers. And one of the themes that’s coming up is that Venus is prominent in all our charts eight now and for the month to come. It’s a very soft and loving and kind energy. And it’s wanting us to get quiet and listen, to hear our own messages. To know that we are worthy, that we have value, that we’re loved, and it’s okay to be open to receiving all the goodness and abundance that is available to us.

I’ve been told that people want and need what I have to offer by way of my jewelry, because it’s more than just jewelry. The pieces all have healing to offer to you. I often get asked at shows, somebody will say to me, what piece should I choose? And I might, well, I don’t know. That’s not my role. My role in this time of awakening is to find gorgeous stones, crystals, points, and pieces that have been tumbled, and turn them into wearable friends for you and accelerators for your energy body. My role in this is to cleanse them, bless them and release them for your best and highest good. The piece that speaks to you is the piece you need right now, and moving into the future. I had a beautiful testimonial a few days ago, a friend of mine received a gift through me, a pair of earrings from a friend of hers as a thank you. She sent me a note and said,

I’ve been wearing my beautiful Blue Jade earrings today. And I felt good all day.

This gladdens my heart.

I truly hope that my work can be a part of your Grand Design, journey, awakening. All my work is infused with love and light for your best and highest good. If I can be of assistance, give me a shout out/email, private message, comment on the post. However you feel lead. I’d be honored to offer support.

Be, well my friends, take care till next time. J

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