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By Janet Edkins

Bead weaving jewelry artist channelling the healing power of Gaia's crystal & stone gifts.
August 21, 2015

Next up in the Saga of the Buttons is this magic little number that really got my juices flowing. As a web designer I see lots of buttons, electronic ones that is, so they are always on my radar. This vintage button reminded me of some of the more special looking web buttons, and the button generators, that have now gone out of style. The web has gone back to utilitarian buttons; very plain, to very fancy, back to something with color but no less utilitarian than at the beginning.

I nearly embellished that central depression but as nothing looked right sitting in there I decided that I should leave well alone. I chose the gold plated delica beads because they just looked the most stunning. Yes, I do have expensive tastes, if there are two beads that look almost the same I always end up choosing the one with the higher price tag – I guess I’m just high maintenance, LOL.

GoButtonChainCloseSo the chain for this one was a challenge, one which I enjoyed. I had chain but wanted a way for it to not look plain. So, I made beaded beads, and inserted them, strategically, into the chain. I don’t remember how often I’ve said this but I’m an “outside the box” thinker, especially if I’m missing a skill or tool. When asked how I had put the beads and chain together my answer was that I stitched them together, how else? That is not necessarily the wrong answer, it was just not the expected one.

This kind of stuff is what sets me apart as a >beaded jewelry maker.

Till next time, enjoy the process. J

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