11/11 – Such a powerful date

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Nov 11, 2022 | Healing Stones

November 11th is a profound date/day, it holds so much power; emotionally, numerologically, and esoterically. This year I was drawn to write about it with the doubly potent numerology of 11/11/22! You may have noticed this year has been particularly compelling for me with all the 2s that keep showing up. Remember my birthday numbers!?

November 11th in the UK is “Poppy Day,” a time of reflection and sombre thoughtfulness. The Brits wear poppies as a mark of respect for those lost in World Wars and other battles. It’s worn not just for Remembrance but also as a symbol of hope for a peaceful future. I have often wondered about world leaders in 1918 choosing 11:00 am on 11/11 for their great armistice to take effect. What was their motivation? Could they foresee the significance and portentiousness of the numbers? Indeed, were they perhaps aware of the 11/11 portal and it’s energies? Maybe they were just good at their own kind of “spin!” It matters not. I choose to trust they understood the significance for peace. How tragic that in 2022 the world still wars. Still arguing over power, money, land, greed, control. I am weary and could be very sad if I allowed these energies into my bodies and fields. No more. I choose to feel love, see the good of humanity, and the beauty of Gaia. I choose to stay in my bubble of awareness with detachment, and focus on the people and opportunities that this amazing day has to offer.

“I choose to feel love, see the good of humanity, and the beauty of Gaia.”

11 is a master number so the 11/11 portal is known to be particularly high-powered. It signifies the higher realms and spiritual awakening. It can also represent your coming into alignment with your higher self. 1111 is a power number in astrology and also a well-known angel number (how often do you see 11:11 on a clock!?) There is so much information out on the web about portals and angel numbers I won’t bang on here but KNOW there is significance this day. And especially today – 11/11/22 – adding the energies of the year to the regular portal date is enhancing the spiritual energy.

A final observation: I love they way that the energetic portals 8/8, 10/10, 11/11, etc., work with the universality of whichever way you note the month and day.

Blessings this day and till next time – J

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