Stone of the Month – Sept 2020

By Janet Edkins

Bead weaving jewelry artist channelling the healing power of Gaia's crystal & stone gifts.
September 9, 2020

“New Chapters and Embracing Change”

If there is one certainty in this earthly existence it is without doubt CHANGE!

This months’ topic has a huge list of potential stones and crystals to aid with change; Accepting it, Adapting to it, Supporting it, and Transitioning into it, to name a but few options.

Where to start? 

Lepidolite | Releases & reorganizes old patterns, inducing change.  I think all of humanity needs a piece – right now!  I must have known this, I have  stock  : )   —   search the store
Moonstone | THE stone of new beginnings
Gold Calcite | A very good second best. (I have a raw piece that is glorious and I have no idea how to make it wearable!)

Accepting – Chysocolla, Larimar, Rose Quartz, Chrysanthemum stone
Adapting – Bloodstone, Blue Chalcedony, Blue/Green or Brown Jade, Aqua Aura Quartz
Supporting – Tiger Iron, Labradorite
Transitioning – Chiastolite, Danburite

The stones I have in my stash – Stones awaiting your attention and mine 🙂   Clockwise from top; Labradorite moons & cabachon. Tiger Iron; double point, tumbled chunk & fine cabochon. Chiastolite. Two more labradorite pieces. In the center; Cream Moonstone & Aqua Aura Quartz point.

With love & blessings.      J

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