Men’s Grounding eBracelet


Combination of grounding, balancing & protective stone eBracelet – sized for the male physique.
Smoky Qrtz” Grounding & Balancing.”
Clear Qrtz“Amplifies energy or intention.”
Green Garnet“Stone of health, enhances energy.”
Labradorite“Protects from negative energies.”
Black Tourmaline“Talisman of protection.”
Hematite“Grounding, calming & centering.”
Mahogany Obsidian“Grounds & protects.”
Pyrite“Blocks negative energy.”

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A grounding, balancing & protection bracelet sized for the male physique.
Smoky Qrtz - " Grounding & Balancing."
Clear Qrtz - "Amplifies energy or intention."
Green Garnet - "Stone of health, enhances energy."
Labradorite - "Protects from negative energies."
Black Tourmaline - "Talisman of protection."
Hematite - "Grounding, calming & centering."
Mahogany Obsidian - "Grounds & protects."
Pyrite - "Blocks negative energy."
8" elasticated

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