Men’s Grounding eBracelet

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Get in touch with the Earth’s energy and boost wellbeing with Men’s Grounding Bracelet! Handcrafted using Pyrite, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz and Hematite for grounding, balancing energy and connection to Gaia. This bracelet absorbs negative energies, transmuting them for greater clarity and amplification. Unlock your inner power today!
Smoky Qrtz” Grounding & Balancing.”
Clear Qrtz“Amplifies energy or intention.”
Green Garnet“Stone of health, enhances energy.”
Labradorite“Protects from negative energies.”
Black Tourmaline“Talisman of protection.”
Hematite“Grounding, calming & centering.”
Mahogany Obsidian“Grounds & protects.”
Pyrite“Blocks negative energy.”

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A grounding, balancing & protection bracelet sized for the male physique.
Smoky Qrtz - " Grounding & Balancing."
Clear Qrtz - "Amplifies energy or intention."
Green Garnet - "Stone of health, enhances energy."
Labradorite - "Protects from negative energies."
Black Tourmaline - "Talisman of protection."
Hematite - "Grounding, calming & centering."
Mahogany Obsidian - "Grounds & protects."
Pyrite - "Blocks negative energy."
8" elasticated

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