June 2023 eBracelet


Summer Sea Foam eBracelet (stretchy elastic for a comfy fit).
AmazoniteAqua Aura QuartzHemmimorphiteApatiteTurquoiseSwarovski Pearl

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Summer Sea Foam eBracelet.
Amazonite - "Soothing stone, calms brain & nervous system, aligns physical & etheric bodies."
Aqua Aura Quartz - "Peaceful energies cleanse & relax the aura. Encourages inner truthfulness."
Hemimorphite - "Works to integrate vibrational light energies with your personal energy fields."
Apatite - "Helps eliminate blockages, returns body to balance. Encourages openness & ease."
Turquoise - "Ancient stone of protection. Unites Earth & Sky, brings Male & Female energies together. Attunes physical to spiritual."
Focal bead is a Swarovski Crystal Pearl, with a little crystal bling for summer sparkle. Swarovski Pearls - "Created with Swarovski crystal center, a vibrant & surprisingly realistic pearl."
Elasticated min dimension 7.25".

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