Dec 2022 eBracelet


Bracelet to go with your Little Black Dress for the holiday season. (stretchy elastic for a comfy fit)
Cinnabar“Stimulates dignity, vitality & power. Connects one with the source of all being.”
Swarovski Pearls“Created with Swarovski crystal center, a vibrant & surprisingly realistic pearl.”
Silver Sheen Obsidian“Connects astral to physical body, anchors soul into physical incarnation.”
Black Tourmaline“Protective, grounding stone, repels & blocks negative energies.”
Herkimer Diamonds“Attunement Stone, you with others, your surroundings, or new energies.”
Mother of Pearl“Kindles imagination, insights, adaptability, creativity, & sensitivity. Harmony & balance.”
Black Spinel“A protective stone, repels negativity & grounds the user. Gives inspiration.”

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Cinnabar - Swarovski Pearls - Silver Sheen Obsidian - Black Tourmaline - Herkimer Diamonds - Mother of Pearl - Black Spinel
Elasticated min dimension 7.25".

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