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Mar 14, 2022 | Balance, Chakras

The fourth of the primary Chakras in the Vedic tradition is the Heart, known in Sanskrit as Anahata: meaning “unstruck,” “unhurt,” or “unbeaten.” Associated with air, governs love, compassion and acceptance.

The heart chakra is the connector between the lower and higher chakras. It is a pivotal point and extremely important. Here we also find understanding, acceptance, altruism, kindness, and respect. The more open and expansive we can make our heart space/chakra the more we can feel these emotions for ourselves and the rest of humanity.

When this chakra is blocked, deflated, or unbalanced it seems obvious to say we can experience many and varied issues with depression, with our fellow humans, emotional instability generally, as well as lung, heart & circulation problems.

I was guided recently to ask some business colleagues to lead with their hearts. To stay in a place of ‘love’ regardless of what is/was going on in the world. To love their business, their clients, their life, their families, nature, pets, garden, whatever love is for them.

Yes we can stay aware, and we should, but we can stay out of fear, worry, anxiety, living in the future, whatever and however we might want to perceive it. In addition to ‘love’ we can stay in peace, forgiveness, and compassion for wherever other people in the world find themselves. We are all walking a path that can be completely obscure to anyone else. I find myself still walking my own road toward really releasing my own judgmentalism and my need to put people in the boxes of my expectations of what they should know and how they should be in the world.

LOVE, however challenging we might find it to be, is the answer, period. To open our heart chakras, to expand that energy is beyond powerful. We are beyond powerful even though many of us either don’t know or are in denial of that. HeartMath.com is an amazing resource. These guys have done some absolutely amazing work and research, and have many beautiful tools so that we can “Dare to connect with our hearts.”

Simple meditaions can be amazingly helpful to expand and open the energy around us flowing from the heart chakra. Here is a beautiful “Meditation Monday” from my fellow Brit and amazing teacher, Tim Whild. This is from Steve Nobel on YouTube.

Stones & Crystals for the Heart
Chrysoprase – Energizes.
Green Garnets (Uvarovite) – Stimulates, enhances spiritual relationships.
Green Quartz – Opens & stabilizes.
Green Spinel – Opens & aligns.
Green Tourmaline Opens, promotes compassion.
Kunzite – Activates & aligns.
Larimar – Radiates love & peace, promotes tranquility.
Malachcite – Balances.
Mangano (pink) Calcite – Heart crystal, stone of forgiveness.
Peridot Opens, cleanses, & activates.
Pink Beyrl (Morganite) – Cleanses & activates.
Pink Tourmaline – Cleanses, synthesizes love with spirituality.
Rose Aura Quartz (Platinum) – Connects to universal love
Rose Quartz – The True Essence of Love
Rhodonite – Stimulates, clears, & activates.
Seraphinite – Cleanses & opens.

Balancing and aligning ALL your chakras helps to create grounded confidence. Chakras.

With love & blessings. J

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