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October 28, 2020

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Mask Moments – Micro Energy Shields

Mask Moments – Micro Energy Shields

I've been struggling for the past few weeks with my authenticity, and this is why. I made a FaceBook post: "Latest brain storm: Mask Bling!" and I went on to say "I know, can't believe I'm jumping on the bandwagon of mask fashion..." and frankly I can't believe I'm...

Root Chakra

Root Chakra

Also known as Base or First Chara and in Sanskrit Muladhara: Mula meaning 'root' & Adhara 'base' or 'support'. It is the first of the seven primary chakras and for many teachers the most important. It represents stability in our life, is responsible for our sense...

Stone of the Month – Oct 2020

Stone of the Month – Oct 2020

  “Dealing with Anger” Anger, like all emotions, is complex.  Does one "deal" with it, "sit" with it, allow it to pass?  Yes, all of the above. Like all emotions Anger will pass, however, it's effects on your psyche and hormones, to mention just two,...


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Janet Edkins
Rules for hand stitched jewelry wearing:
1. Last thing you put on.
2. First thing you take off.
3. Check for wear/threads.
-- Call me if you find any,
      865-966-3271 - More...

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