Happy Customers

Janet’s jewelry pieces all have a story. Behind each story is a luminescent intention to gift the wearer with good energy, confidence, and love. I receive so many compliments when wearing a necklace I purchased from Janet. It’s eye-catching, unique, and carries great energy. It has become my “talisman” and I love the feeling it conjures within me when I wear it. Her creativity is boundless and I look forward to purchasing more pieces in the future!

Jessica A

Greensboro, NC

“You do such beautiful work.
So honored to own a piece!”

Cid L

Knoxville, TN

Her workmanship, design sensibility & color combinations are gorgeous & each setting complements the stone she’s showcasing. If you get the opportunity, go see her work!

Joyce R

Knoxville, TN

I have the privilege of owning numerous Janet Edkins’ design pieces. Some have been purchased by me and others were gifted. All are special for their very own reasons. Janet does beautiful work and offers to make repairs from the wear and tear of even the wildest grandkids. Thank you Janet for bringing such beauty into the world.

Brenda Raley

CSLO & CPO, Regenrus

I’ve had the pleasure of wearing Janet’s jewelry for several years. Her talent and eye for detail create some of the most beautiful pieces. Whenever I wear a necklace or earrings I always get compliments and requests as to where these items can be bought. It is pleasure to recommend Janet’s beautiful jewelry.

Joan M

Knoxville, TN

I have several beautiful custom jewelry creations from Janet; necklaces, earrings and bracelets. It’s an incredible experience selecting a unique custom one of a kind design just for me. Each time I worked with Janet on what would be the best crystal to help me personally or to grow my business. Every time, she listened and explained the power of the crystals she was recommending to help me pick. The energy draws you to the correct one every time. They are all very special to me, I wear them depending what I need on the day. 

Cyndy T

Denton, TX

Universe works in funny ways… just about cried when I read the card: ”Topaz often credited with bringing prosperity & abundance. Supportive of visualization, manifestation, creativity & generosity. Helps overcome self-imposed limitations, aids moving forward with an open heart. Helps attract teachers & mentors when needed.” All of this added to the symbolism of the Phoenix…what an appropriate message to receive!! Makes sense why I was immediately drawn to this necklace. I feel like the Phoenix rising from the ashes & have been asking God/ universe for the rest! Thank you for being the conduit for me to receive this message.

Amelia Z

New York, NY

Dear Janet,
The girls were telling me about the peacock necklace that was the door prize at the East TN Women’s Leadership Summit. They all said I should get one made as our Symbol for our Rare Disease Nonprofit is the Peacock. Then my name was called! You know sometimes God puts you in a reaffirming place and my winning the peacock necklace was so wonderful. It is exquisite and I will take good care of it. I will keep your information handy if I know of someone that needs a special lift while battling this cancer causing genetic mutation.

Thank-You from the bottom of my heart.

Linda Hageman, RN

Maryville, TN